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Zeiss binoculars dating numbers

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In the corner, CAITLIN puts pipe cleaner antlers on the gerbil.

Shows off a plush TEDDY BEAR, says: CAITLIN His name is Mr. GIRL #1 points, whispers excitedly: GIRL #1 That's her?

Extracts a black and white HEAD SHOT of Samantha, says immediately: HENESSEY Yep.

Trin peers over his shoulder: TRIN Wasn't there a lady on TV named Samantha?

SAMANTHA I can't take it, Earl, this dumb costume is giving me a wedgie. SERIES OF SHOTS: Throughout the following NARRATION, we watch Sam: 1) Rallying the varsity CHEERLEADERS; 2) Showing off a GERBIL to her seventh graders; 3) Kneeling in church with her HUSBAND, blessing herself; 4) Absently fingering a silver KEY which she wears round her neck; and finally 5) Probing at a tiny ridged SCAR under her hairline. (beat) I was born 3000 days ago on the beach in New Jersey.

EARL It's not that fucking little Billy again, is it? I keep hiring detectives, but they never find anything. SNOWY SUBURBAN STREET - AFTERNOON Samantha walks with her husband HAL.

A voice interrupts their reverie: SAMANTHA Excuse me. Caitlin, I'm going to help Dad with the refreshments.

MITCH HENESSEY, private investigator and con man extraordinaire.

The LEADER: a haggard-looking man sporting a soup-stain on his tie, whoops, that's the design, sorry. So if you're an ass-fucking fan, go ahead and mouth off, but meanwhile you're under arrest for the crime of prostitution, now shut the fuck up before I cut out your kneecaps and use 'em as ashtrays.

They look up, startled -- as three men burst through the door. I'm Sergeant Madigan, Vice, and if you cop a 'tude, jerkoff, I will see to it you spend the next ten years in prison getting ass-fucked, and if the case is thrown out because my arrest is too violent, then I will personally HIRE men to ass-fuck you for ten years.

SAMANTHA Hal, I gotta tell you, of all the Christmas pageants I've seen, this was by far the most recent.