Start Updating dining room chairs

Updating dining room chairs

This typically means adding two feet to the width and to the length of the table to determine the best size of rug for a room.

When I transformed the dining room for the One Room Challenge, the chairs just didn’t fit the space with the upholstery that they had on them.

I still love the blue fabric but I was ready for a change.

They have a Mid-Century/Danish/Vintage feel to them. I asked Luke to go with me after work one night to pick them up. They have been well-loved yet still have lots of life in them.

The guy wanted $10 for all of them ($2.50 a piece). *I checked online to see if I could find anything out about the chairs. The upholstery was stained and the wood had nicks, but to me…

My Grandpa said he would help me fix the chairs up a bit. Only one of the chairs had a connection (not sure what to call this) issue.

We put some wood glue in the corner and then put the corner bracket back on. We then put on a spray stain in places where we had sanded.

To reupholster, flip your fabric right-side facing the ground.

Put your cushion on your fabric so that you know where to cut.

Forget those dated, shiny, piano finishes of generations past.

Today’s dining rooms combine formality and usability with warmth and eclecticism.

Perhaps a table for six fits your space best, but special dinners require seating for 10.